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„IGLASTY ZAKĄTEK”, Camping & Camper Park, Poland

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  1. Tourists who intend to stay in “IGLASTY ZAKĄTEK”  CAMPING & CAMPERPARK („Camp” further on) are required to register at the Reception  on the first day at latest.

  2. Connecting a tent, caravan or camper to the mains may be done only by a Camping Assisstant.

  3. Camping check-in from 16:00 to 11:00.

  4. When exceeding a camping check-in tourists are charged with a penalty fee for each started hour specified in the current price list of the Camping.

  5. The Reception is open from 8:00 to 20:00.

  6. The gate is open from 7:00 to 22:00.

  7. The gate for pedestrians is open from 5:30 to 22:00.

  8. Bed time is from 22:00 to 6:00.

  9. Minors are allowed on the Camp only in the presence of adults - legal guardians.

  10. External visitors must register at the Reception and pay the applicable fee in accordance with the price list of the Camp.

  11. External visitors residing in the Camp after 22:00 are levied a penalty amounting to 30,00 PLN per person.

  12. Immediately turn off the engine after stopping the vehicle.

  13. Swimming on the lake at the campsite is NOT guarded.

  14. Camp is not responsible for any accidents resulting in injury or loss of life of tourists as a result of the use of recreational camping area, including the beach and swimming in the Camp.

  15. Camp is not responsible for the loss of money and valuables belonging to the tourists enjoying the campground.

  16. Dog owners are required to have a valid certificate of vaccination made applicable, to keep them on a leash and to clean up dog poop.

  17. Dog bathing in the lake at the resort campground is strictly prohibited.

  18. Bathing dogs in the bathrooms in the campground is strictly prohibited. Penalty fee for bathing your dog at the campsite is 100,00 PLN.

  19. Discharge gray water from campers and cleaning cartridges and any container with dirt should be made only in designated areas.

  20. Fireplace can inflamed only with a permition of the Camp staff. The term reservation on fire should be made at the Reception. Fee for the fire should be brought at the Reception before lighting the fire.

  21. In particular, it is prohibited:
    a. entrenchment of tents,
    b. damaging the forest litter and vegetation,
    c. lighting fires in places not designed for this purpose,
    d. causing a loud noise and the use of audio-visual,
    e. leaving dogs and other animals without supervision,
    f. car wash,
    g. driving fast on a bike, scooter or rollerblades on the site.

  22. In all matters relating to the use of the campground and its facilities should be used to the comments and recommendations of the Camp staff.

  23. Tourists failing to comply with rules will be deprived of possible further stay in the Camp without refund of previously paid fees for staying at the campground.

THANK YOU for adapting to these rules and we wish you great holiday in „IGLASTY ZAKĄTEK” CAMPING & CAMPERPARK.